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in a recent reality show episode, the interviewers asked the auditionee – “what is wrong with gay parades?”. the young auditionee replied – “its wrong because……come on yaa, its wrong yaa…comeon”.

thats what you call a clincher.


you silently slinked into my life,
and i didn’t pay you much mind.
but soon you found your way into my bed,
and very soon, it was every night.

there had been many before you,
they came and went, a passing liaison always,
never more than a year or two.
some lost their gentle touch, some lost their warmth,
and time frayed some,

but none could compare,
with the ecstasy of your warm embrace,
(which i can feel even now, as i write this,)
when you lie over me, your feather weight a joy,
(unlike your heavy predecessors)
and your velvet folds enclose me,
i run my hands along your sides, pull you even closer,
and sigh the sigh of satiation,

deep into the night we lay,
(or sometimes well into the day)
you and me, those restful moments,
the relaxed silence of staring at the ceiling endlessly,
ah, the cozy comfort of togetherness,
but it not always you and me,
sometimes its a merry three,
when we are joined by bonny.

Title – Ode to kambal (ode ke kambal)


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