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You can’t argue with that..

Posted on: December 23, 2008

in a recent reality show episode, the interviewers asked the auditionee – “what is wrong with gay parades?”. the young auditionee replied – “its wrong because……come on yaa, its wrong yaa…comeon”.

thats what you call a clincher.


13 Responses to "You can’t argue with that.."

Jerry Seinfeld, politically correct, on gay people: “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”


comeon yaa..i mean, comeon can argue.. hehehehehe just that you’d need to use a lot of comeon rights respected!

rhea!! where are you?? and your link isnt even clikable. hows life…id love to catch up with you soon

Hey Pankaj, I made now some settings and they should lead to my WordPress blog, Eshana 🙂
(Nice to meet you again too, missed you, dear!)

haha!! i think i’ve seen this one 🙂

I think I have seen this one, and if I am right, she went on to say, they were retards. Extremism gets on to me. ANd when you cant back it up with logic, it unnerves me.And then they say, they are “Journalists”.. Not her fault, most journalists are anyway her replica, or vice-versa9did someone just say, that xtremism is a turn off)

was referring to the guy from chandigarh infact :). but i remember the journalists bigoted views at well (she got selected as well…). were both regular watchers of mtv roadies….god save us.

I cannot say I totally approve of guy people (it is particularly unpleasant to be made proposals by someone same gender, when one is straight), but there are people much more disturbing than them, like those who have the Schadenfreude.

Hahahahaha..are you serious? OMG..this has so made my day!

And just for the record, I don’t think there is anything wrong with being gay. It’s really their business and no one else’s.

u diplomat u ;). i agree.

Ehsana, you Schadenfreude phobic you.

Well, Pankaj, these are the only people I really hate a lot…the Schadenfreude people; I would have no space to hate gay or blonde or Pisceans :))

But Pankaj, where are you? on which ID can I give you an add? Can you add me on this ID ? I mean, eutopia.eshana.

Long live Capricornians!

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