Macchars don’t wear sweaters


Posted on: February 9, 2013

im a tsunami of baddity
you shall be swept away by my badness, pinned to the wall
my badness operates in mysterious ways
creeps upon you when you least expect it
that is the nature of my badness
my single handed badess outbads all of yalls collective badess
my towering badness dwarfs your little dwarfish badness
i make the sheep look at each other and go BAAAAAAd BAAAAAAAd
ive often been called the bad of avon
MJ made an album for me
my badness needs no validation
my badness is its own sole proof
noone has the authority to judge my badness
gods omipotence stops shorts of my badness
the devil pays tribute to my badness!!
once in court the judge asked me “guilty or not guilty”. i said “i find you guilty of trying to judge my badness!!”
once when the judge sentenced me to 5 consecutive deaths for being, pure and simply, bad, i said “you insult me, sir”
my badness never laughs
it never flinches
it is relentless


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the meter is not bad…

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