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Posted on: October 2, 2011

I am currently reading “Culture and Imperialism” by Edward Said, about how culture – literature and art – create the context for imperialist practices. Said, in my reading, sees culture’s support for imperialism not so much a self conscious propaganda exercise, but a deep rooted and even subconscious bias that determines how the world is¬†perceived. Hollywood is undoubtedly one of the main cultural forces that support american global practices. However, sometimes it seems to me to be blatant propaganda. For example, today i saw Contagion, which was very good by movie standards. The movie depicted the possibility of the world overrun by a highly infectious virus. But even in dealing with such a general subject, with critically acclaimed actors, the political messages seemed to me to be more than obvious, in the following ways:

– The virus originated in China (one might say that even in the real world, China is the most likely place for such a virus to be born)

– America created the antivirus. Once again america saves the world (again it might be said that america is most likely to create the vaccine)

– The government is the one most dedicatedly and sincerely looking to find the antivirus, while people who are off the grid, like bloggers, are trying to exploit the credulity of people

РThe chinese  government refuses to make any exceptions and fools the villagers who are desperately trying to get vaccines

– The american government makes exceptions on human grounds



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