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Suffering man

Posted on: February 16, 2011

To a suffering man,

his pain,

his only gain,

his only triumph


With no hope of repose,

meaning found yet, in prose,

and poetry,

chronicles of anguish,

or if not chronicled,

simply in burdens borne


no lands conquered, no armies lead,

no fortune amassed,

nor even sighs evoked, or revolutions provoked,

but an unflinching faith remains,

in something gained,


6 Responses to "Suffering man"


everytime you write something, i want to say that this one’s my favourite, but you write something new and my favourite changes.

really love this one. tis a gem.

“something gained”. 🙂 not everyone understands that a lot of times that it is not only enough, but it is more precious than all the fortunes in the world. This is wonderful, Pankaj. 🙂 Absolutely fabulous!

I like this crappy poem better than other crappy poems. You should keep writing. Also compare to Faiz.

मेरा दर्द नग़मा-ऐ-बेसदा
मेरी ज़ात ज़रा-ऐ-बेनिशान
मेरे दर्द को जो ज़ुबान मिले
मुझे अपना नाम-ओ-निशान मिले
मेरी ज़ात को जो निशान मिले
मुझे राज़-ऐ-नज़्म-ऐ-जहान मिले
जो मुझे ये राज़-ऐ-निहान मिले
मेरी ख़ामोशी को बयान मिले
मुझे कायनात कि सरवरी
मुझे दौलत-ऐ-दो-जहान मिले

I thought of this poem immediately upon reading yours.

Translation for Hindi impaired:

My pain; song without sound.
My existence; treasure without trace.
My pain that would find a voice,
Would I find my trace, my name,
Would my existence find a trace,
Would I find secret song of universe.
That if I find this hidden secret
My silence would find uttering,
I the rule of creation.
I find the riches of the two worlds.

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