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Oliver Stone’s Savages – A Review

Posted on: August 27, 2012

Oliver Stone’s “Savages” is a love story. A story of Chon’s love for O (the rather abruptly named lead lady). And O’s love for Ben. And Ben’s love for Chon. Those of us not introduced to the joys of the movie yet, will immediately recognize it as a love triangle, especially those raised on Bollywood fare (like me). Chon’s beloved O likely fell for Ben, Chon’s best friend, while Chon was out serving in Iraq – we speculate. Or Chon secretly loved O, but stepped back when he saw the flowering of the love of O and Ben, his brother.


Savages is not your usual love triangle. Love in Savages is triangular, and simultaneous. Chon loves O loves Ben – all at the same time. It is about a redefinition of traditional relationships. Those of us used to the symmetry of 2 in a relationship will certainly protest. 3 way relationship? There must certainly be catfights, and punchups, and jealousy, and drama! Wrong again. It is a happy relationship of 3. Some of us would still try to reduce it to its physical aspects. That again would be false, because this relationship involves emotion, companionship, and a willingness to make the supreme sacrifice – the usual charter of relationships. There is drama, but in the backdrop. A plot of gangs, drugs and kidnapping forms the backdrop against which this relationship of 3 plays out. But to me the interesting part was the very idea.

Oliver Stone is certainly no shrinking violet when it comes to taking on bold themes. Natural Born Killers is one prime example. The movie is perhaps a reflection of society, where relationships are morphing. Such liaisons are still likely quite at the periphery, but Oliver Stone is not one shy of provoking.


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