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My room

Posted on: March 28, 2011

My empty room,

my friend of many years,

i am sorry, but i will not miss you,

because no shared laughter rings from your corners,

nor do your wall murmur with comforting voices,

the only vision i see, is my own shadows,

sitting on the wooden chair,

or lying on the bed in reflection,

or cooking my evening meal,


yes, i leave with you a part of me,

but i will not miss you


6 Responses to "My room"


pankaj, this just may be my favorite.

defensive, aren’t we? 🙂

i suspect your room will be greatly offended and determined to haunt you – it leaves a part of itself with you, too.

i miss places where i’ve spent time alone the most.

lol. actually the poem came from a thought, rather than experience. im starting to live alone for the first time, and imagining a person who lived in a room for many years alone. would he miss it if it left it.

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