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(this blog is inspired by a joker on tv, who said “I was very anxious over my mtv roadie interview and devising strategies for it, but I thought over it late into last night and I realized that a true roadie is one who is himself, and so im going to be myself”)


I find it rather annoying when I hear someone say “I gave such and such subject long and deep thought and I realized…..”


When the subject under consideration is factual, sudden epiphanic learning is easily understandable “I thought about it and realized one and one make 2”.


But when it comes to subjective human truth, I don’t see learning as a discrete *TLINK*, “hey I’m enlightened!” process, where a previously unconsidered thought pops up in the mind and the human stream of consciousness is permanently altered to a new level. The statement “I realized, or I learnt” is almost always a random subjective choice, an attempt to cram randomness into a structure, or a result of social programming where one is supposed to “learn” things & certain learnings are favored over others.


It’s more of a continuous process where a thought hovers around the periphery, knocks the consciousness often, and somewhere along the line is gradually absorbed and internalized. The “learning” might still not be objective, but at least it is more genuine, because the thoughts which are a premise for this “realization” are internalized, and we see them as “true”.


I allow room for the occasional epiphanic learning even in human affairs J


The height of media induced stupidity – mtv roadies

 the new true measure of self worth – being a roadie.

– ek roadie circumstances se nahi darta.

– ek roadie mein crazypana hota hai.

– ek roadie completely himself/herself hota hai – tabhi vo apni sab gharelu problems mtv roadie interview ke dauran national tv pe sunata hai

 ek roadie mein passion hota hai – vo interview ke dauran chimpanzee ki acchi acting kar leta hai.

kya tummein vo baat hai roadie waali? tum mein? aur tum mein??

q : which is the only place where u can ask an indian female to squirm around on the ground like a fish and flap her arms at the same time?

a: in an mtv roadies interview

q: raghu bhaiyya hume daant kyon maarte hain?

a: hamare bhale ke liye

q: marne ke baad bhagwan asli imtehaan lene hai. marne ke pehle asli imtehaan kaun leta hai?

a: raghu bhaiyya

 who are these people? are they retards? but how come there are so many of them. theyre not retards. they seem to have some kind of ability surely. “self monitors” are what they are…

makes me wonder at the superficiality of youth culture sometimes. is it like this the world over?


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