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No Country for Old Men

Posted on: December 7, 2010

I saw No Country for Old Men the second time a couple of days ago, hoping to finally awaken to its greatness. The fact that it won an Oscar, some of my most admired bloggers like it, and that it was made by the creators of that sublime movie, Fargo, were enough reasons for me to give it the benefit of doubt.

The second viewing didn’t change my opinion much. It seemed an almost Ram Gopal Vermaesque attempt to create a cosmic and infallible bad ass, who knows you will scratch even before you are fully aware of the itch. It was entertaining in a way, but even the dialogues seemed contrived to me. The cylinder murder weapon was merely a digression. I have a nagging suspicion that the monologues of Tommy Lee Jones is where the depth lay, but i couldn’t access it, even with subtitles.

7 Responses to "No Country for Old Men"

you might want to check the series of posts by Jim Emerson about this film.

I too failed to waken to it’s “greatness”–using something resembling a gas cylinder for a murder weapon seemed comical–too heavy, for one thing!

I thought the best thing about this movie was Javier Bardem’s awesome hair! And I also thought I was alone in thinking it wasnt all that great..well, I see I’m not the only one who just doesnt see it..and I still love the Coens more for O Brother, Where Art Thou? and of course, Fargo.

thanks TUIB. i didn’t know of those movies. two good movies to watch over the weekend!

Oh no, O Brother Where Art Thou? is the name of a single movie..but if you’d like two movies, then The Big Lebowski shud totally be the second one!

The Big Lebowski should be the first one.

 And I approach music more from a vocalist†s standpoint, just using keyboards as something to accompany myself.

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