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The Song of May (Another poem from my Mother)

Posted on: November 6, 2010

The sky was rosy pink
with the vivid scheme of an opal
Twilight flooded the landscape
with the mellow hues of a pearl
The world was at rest
and the air mild and tranquil.

The birds stirred in their nests
high up in the swaying trees
The daffodils nodded their heads
in th scented puffs of morning breeze
A bunny popped out of its warren
and chased the drowsy bees.

But over all was the wonderful
hush of day break.
When all was calm and quiet
in the day’s fresh wake
and for the venture of the sun
waited the earth, the sky and the lake.

In the deep valley below
the mists lay grey and cold.
But away on the horizon-
on the very margin of the world
countless peaks and coral red clouds
were beginning to be tinged with gold.

Up came the sun at last
driving away dark shadows
and changing rosy shades to gold
revealing the green of meadows
the scattered farms, the orchards
and the flat green hedge rows.

The birds began to sing
as the sky changed to blue
The flowers fluttered to dry
their garbs soaked in the silvery dew
The cowbells began to ring
and soon the shephards were in view.

The pageant of the sun’s return
had merged into the glory of full day.
As the rainbow tinted aurora
blurred into one bright ray
to flood the world
and welcome spring=and the month of May.


4 Responses to "The Song of May (Another poem from my Mother)"

🙂 This is such a happy poem! And even moreso becoz I am looking at May rather nostalgically from the relative pleasant coolness of a Bombay November 😀

your mother seems to be very receptive to colours. full of imagery.

your mother writes beautifully:)

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