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The Fall

Posted on: August 31, 2010

“The Fall” by Tarsem Singh was sentimental, but I could not help being moved by it. Who would have though a Punjabi could make such a film?? It is the story of the sweetest little girl – cherubic, naughty, gusty – and a jilted lover – both patients in a late 19th century Spanishsey hospital. The girl is in the hospital for a fracture to her arm, when the young man is admitted for a fall which has crippled him below the legs. This new inmate catches the fancy of our restless young cherub, and promises to tell her a story. As the story progresses, we find that the young girl lost her father, probably killed by a group of “very angry men” who burned down their house, and the young man is in the hospital because of a failed suicide attempt. The action of the movie plays out in the brilliant and ripe imagination of the young girl, who visualizes the randomly concocted tale of the young man. The man’s real ploy is to fool the innocent little girl into bringing him pills which will finally allow him to effect his suicide.

The Fall is the story of the unlikliest of two individuals finding redemption in each other. The story in the mind of the little girl serves as a metaphor of these two finding meaning and hope in the other. Undoubtedly sentimental. And it was impossible to be cold to the irresistible sweetness of the little girl. I loved it.

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Maybe it has to be seen

Having tunneled twenty eight minutes into this Ali Baba movie, I am unable to take more. At worst it is like a song sequence from Mika and at best like those over-coloured scenes of melting ice candy from Taare Zamin Par where the boy plays truant and wander through the streets of Mumbai–at least Mumbai was Mumbai.. I fail to understand Ebert’s four star rating except to accept that Ebert’s judgement can be bewildering at times. This seems an over-colored, over acted, over costumed mish mash of a fairy tale, devoid of substance and charm (maybe 1% to the little girl. The NY Times review hits it bang on the nail:

The details of this saga, a threadbare patchwork of postcard exoticism, turgid characterizations, stilted duels and lackluster spectacle, are projected via the imagination of a little girl cognizant, it would seem, of the full repertory of high-gloss, empty-headed pictorialism deployed by corporate advertising.

BCS de jatt da kamal vekho!!

I havent seen this one but I have seen The Cell..and going by that movie, I really didnt expect Tarsem Singh to come up with something profound! Something real stylish maybe..

Nice recommendation. Will try to find it. Thanks 🙂

where did you see this movie? interesting description!

Ain’t it quaint that our mainstream regional cinema is better than our mainstream hindi cinema!!

This wasnt exactly mainstream Punjabi cinema! Mainstream Hollywood cinema maybe. You have to see jatt da badla, jat te jameen, soorma jat to see how low filming can fall….

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