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Posted on: June 25, 2010

A poem written by my mother, which is one of the best poems on parting i have ever read. Couldn’t resist trying to do it into a song.

The cloud unfolded it’s golden wings

before the two of us

We both heard the mute song of parting

in the dying hours of the evening

– I, under the old cassia tree in the courtyard,

and you on the long road to freedom.

Alas! You could not hear the words it whispered to me.

And what it said to you was lost forever in the rising wind.

An add on song

8 Responses to "Parting"

Hey, for some reason my browser wont play the audio file, but love the poem! Your mom writes too? Wow! Thats really cool! 🙂

real nice 🙂

and yes i cant play the audio too.. fix fix!

The audio works –try harder.

Beautiful poem.. n your mom can sketch n write poems!! Wow, talent runs in the family!!
Somehow i can paint but not sketch n write prose but not poems!!

Thanks :). I love my moms poems as well. I think anyone with a sense of words can write poetry.

i tried the audio on a lark and guess what, firefox won play it but google chrome does! 😀

I love how you sing the word ‘courtyard’! 😉

And I must say, reading this for the third time, I really think the poem is very lovely! You shud post more of your mother’s poems..

lol…i say it rather stupidly i agree. coachyard. in conversation id say it like courrtyaard.

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