Macchars don’t wear sweaters


Posted on: June 6, 2010

Being handsome is all about having a handsome expression.

Life imitates Bollywood.

Punjab di kudi – speaks Punjabi with an English accent and English with a Punjabi accent

Long haired guys are never nice guys, since Jesus.

We are made for each other, me and the thought of you,

not you.

the last time i called you said “who??”

5 Responses to "Thoughts"

And what examples would you consider handsome?

profound! esp. the long-haired guy theory..i personally have warm fuzzy feelings towards clean crew cuts πŸ˜€

Long hair seems to make the statement “I’m dangerous” or maybe just “I’m special”.

Life imitates Bollywood. OH YEAH. And I love guys with clean, neat hair cuts.

And I think I’m the Punjab di kudi you just described.

handsome expression πŸ™‚

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