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House Full – A tale of degeneration

Posted on: June 2, 2010

I used to admire Sajad Khan. Kasam se. I used to.

I admired him when he insight-fully revealed Bollywood movies in “Kehne mein kya harz hai” for the absurdities they were. When he informed us how Kramer vs Kramer was shamelessly copied from Akeyle Hum Akeyle Tum made 20 years later. When he educated us about the “hamming” talents of different Indian actors,  the “koi chance nayi” Pran delightfully rattled off with head rocking from side to side in emphasis, the areal fight sequences between middle aged sanjeev kumar and manoj kumar in “Clerk”, and his personal favorite, the sub human Joginder who bhangraed his way to the bushes to take a dump . Or when he donned his rotating wig as Kishen Jhuthani and repeatedly implored “haina?, haina?, haina?“. (and as i found in someone else’s review – referred to jokes as chatokalas)

Frankly, i cannot help but chuckle even now when i see the videos.

I admired him in Ikke pe Ikka when he had his freewheeling absurdist exchanges with Suresh Menon and the original Dileep Kumar, who harbored two split personalities in him of an undignified old man and a foreigner with an americano dileep kumar accent “in ninety sixty seven during the Vietnam war“.  When he conducted mock interviews as Vidhu Vinod Chopri “bollywood doezent desherve me” or Yash Chopra “itallisdependonthe jung generation“. Someone described it as “inspired absurdity” and i totally agreed. There is a thin line between inanity and absurdist humor, but he never crossed it, ever.

What has happened since since is inexplicable. Heyy Baby was already a meteoric fall, when the poo laden diaper flew through the air in slow motion and splattered on Fardeen Khan’s face.  Housefull is even worse. The following scene sums it up:-


5 Responses to "House Full – A tale of degeneration"

Different degrees of degeneration.

complacence I think. Why make so much effort to be funny when you have Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone in your movie? hai na haina haina?

i used to like sajid a lot too when i watched television. i haven’t since then but i once chanced on an article from a film mag which talked about boycotting the man for his “disrespect” to the industry and its seniors.

it might be that the need to be accepted made him ultimately conform to the inane standards of star-worship and comedy.

a loss – ultimately.

its been an extreme compromise. that’s what dissapoints me.

I never liked this loony man, came on as try hard then and definitely comes across as one now!

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