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Phoonk 2 – A review

Posted on: May 28, 2010

The movie should have been called “Bhooton ki chupan chupai”. Here’s the plot – Ramu believes in keeping it short and simple. A ghost, and its right hand, a doll, lurk around in a house where a family has just shifted; swoop down on windows; appear when everyone is looking away; disappear when everyone turns to look in their direction; stalk everyone in turn, but decide not to eat that person just when Ramu has built the music to a pitch; rattle windows; remotely manipulate creaky doors, send gusts of wind towards curtains – and keep you guessing who has it coming first.

But why?

Does it matter?


3 Responses to "Phoonk 2 – A review"

Your style is catching on.

U actually saw the movie! i cudn’t dare!

hee hee. anything for caramel popcorn.

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