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Posted on: May 26, 2010

I spoke to someone yesterday with amazing artwork, who had discovered a very interesting way to create. They did not set out with a definite subject in mind, but created patterns on their canvas, and discovered their subject in the intermingling of those patterns. The result was stunning and impressionistic work with giraffes, peacocks, mermaids.

Even in music i’ve heard of musicians speak of “discovering” tunes which already exist rather than inventing them. You set out with a certain sequence of notes with no definite objective in mind, and chase vagrant patterns which present themselves at every step, and end up with a beautiful melody.

A very interesting approach towards art. Like looking at clouds in the sky, and imagining intricate shapes – a galloping horse, an old man with a flowing beard, a yawning cat – shapes we could never hope to create on paper. Art seems to reveal itself when the vision is peripheral, and is elusive when the vision is direct, willful, conscious.

2 Responses to "Patterns"

Who said genius is 99% perspiration?

It was JBS Haldane who gave the example of the vanishingly small probability of a monkey typing randomly on a typewriter, typing out by chance say, a Shakespearean play.

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