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Posted on: May 26, 2010

If one has a feeling of emptiness inside, one attempts to fill it somehow, anyhow – with relentless talk, fitful action, immersing oneself in company. But the emptiness will not be driven away, it always lurks, and encompasses you as soon as you cease. But when one has a feeling of fullness inside, one lets life arrive at its own pace, there’s no anxiety ridden chasing, no panic of being too late.


2 Responses to "Fullness"

Isn’t the emptiness always there, gnawing at you, making most things in life seem meaningless? It might be that you don’t pay attention to the aching emptiness when you’re really engrossed in an activity or in the company of people with whom you enjoy being with, but as soon as you’re alone and idle it comes to swallow you again!!

An empty space can always be filled. The question is, with what?
If, as Jung says, the space of the mind is vaaast, then something commensurate in size needed.

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