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Posted on: April 5, 2010

One of the best quotes I have heard in a long time

God is an expression of our belief that life has meaning – Chris Hedges.

In case someone misunderstands it, the quote doesn’t represent a belief in god at all.

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Meaningfulness of life is not a belief but a personal decision, not easily arrived at. The existentialists concur in the above statement.

one of the expressions, yes.

Man will always be an optimist. Just think of living when you know for sure that life has no meaning – so bleak.

Had a discussion on the same strain of thought with a very spiritually-minded friend today.

Firmly believe in this. Very, very firmly. 🙂

Yeah, I do agree with the spirit of the quote! Its like, God is our big huge security blanket..we need the comfort of the idea of the existence of God for that warm fuzzy happy feeling..

Okay, when I say, ‘we’ I actually mean a lot of humanity that starts out believing in God..personally, I think if God really existed, it wud be really bad for his reputation..

I see the quote slightly differently. It seems to me that humans crave that their lives have significance, rather being an invisible unit in a mass, often snuffed out at random, values held close to the heart coming to naught etc etc. God is an expression of this deeply held wish that life be more than the mundane here and now.

I agree..I think people are unnerved by the idea that their lives are mere chance occurrences..altho why they think that life being a chance occurrence shud diminish the sublime miracle that is life is beyond me.

Summarizes what I think about it perfectly.

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