Macchars don’t wear sweaters

Save Em’

Posted on: March 9, 2010


8 Responses to "Save Em’"

Are you suggesting that we are all cock-roaches?
Well, one is what one thinks one is!
As the Bard says, nothing is good or bad in itself, thinking makes it so.

its nothing more than a spoof of the well known save tigers campaign on tv these days.

one shouldn’t go deep sea diving in a puddle.

You mean:

Gehraion mein mat ja Ghalib
Nahin to doob jayega.

Comma misplaced. It’s “save ’em”. Comma replaces ommitted letters.

apni naseehat apne paas rakh

I will donate my sweater to the lovable macchar cousins to save them for their sad destiny of catching cold. No sweaters? Sad, sad!

what is with the macchar obsession

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