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I is like

Posted on: December 21, 2009

My feeling of superiority developed over many years, when i was amongst a few in the class to introduce ourselves as “I am so and so” as opposed to “I is so and so” or its variation “myself is so and so”; was dashed when i saw a girl on TV describing her reactions to a certain situation with “and I’s like” “and then I’s like”. And the girl couldnt even be written off disdainfully as she wasn’t of the pendu category i was hitherto used to dealing with. After repeated encounters with “I’s like”, when i had almost decided to introduce myself as “I’s Pankaj”, to not be an outdated laughing stock, i discovered that “I’s like” may actually represent “I was like”. A friend also suggested “I’s like” may stand for “I likez”, i.e., a youthful way of expressing ones preference for something.

They may have a point.

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I had to make an effort to disguise my so called convent iskool ishtyle and to learn to speak expressive and correct english (non-capitalisation intentional) with robust Indian accented desi english. Do in Jullundur as the surdies do.

there was a girl in chandigarh who would punctuate her sentences with “like jaise”:

“i, like jaise you know, just went there on a whim and kris was there, like jaise, totally leching on me.”

This is rising in the social ladder—from “is” to “am”….

Congrats you for noticing this travesty, and thanks you for pointing it out to myself.

Dude, I’s like is most definitely ” I was like”. Believe me, you should get used to it. You’re gonna be hearing a LOT of it out here.

Also, I died laughing at Harman’s comment. Heheheh.

hee hee…same to same. and btw fobbie….I KNOW


I read an essay sometime back about how no other language uses capital “I” in the middle of sentence. The author of the essay suggested that may be we should start using “i” instead of “I” and do the reverse for “you”. A way of showing that You are more important than i am. Lovely thought, isn’t it?

Hehe, I say this a lot. Like, ” I was like, wat?” After some time it starts sounding like Auwz like..

“Like, really?” “Like, wow!” “Like, dude!” I cud never get how dumb American English filtered so easily into Bombay English and fit here so snugly..when I was in school, I was envious of all these kids who spoke slangy English picked up from MTV with their upper class looseness while I struggled with learning “proper” English from my middle class government school..

Now I realise the words dont even matter..its the accent that one needs to perfect..

and I try not to cringe everytime people use ‘like’ a million times in every sentence..its so pointless to be condescending towards people just coz of some linguistic pride in a language which isnt even the first one I learned..

In my younger days, I found this word rather useful. With my limited vocab I found it convinient to add afew “likes” here and there and buy time to look for the next relevant word šŸ™‚

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