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6 Alternate Names for 2012

Posted on: November 18, 2009

1. How to escape utter destruction of the world without a scratch

2. Roland Emmerich destroys the world part 3

3. Americans save the world part 1000

4. There is no better way to reunite a family than destroying the world

5. Real daddies trump step dads any day (even if its a good step dad)

6. Be an eternal optimist – Learn to smile the next morning even if 6 billion people died the previous day including your father, mother, boyfriend, and step father.

7. ALL Aboard! We’re sailin’ to Mount Everest

8. The Big Splash: Tsunami in Tibet

Any other suggestions?


11 Responses to "6 Alternate Names for 2012"

What will we destroy next time?

“Well, looks like we’ve run out of ways to endanger the world..dragons, aliens, meteors, mutants, global warming..I’ll give you $10 if you give me a good idea.”

“Whats that? Guns? Umm, I think we’ve done those, too. And you dont wanna upset the pro lobby for gun control!” *fake hearty laugh*

I think thats what those big studio producers sound like on the phone with their writers..

And welcome back after your rather long hiatus! πŸ™‚

1.Ab kya nasht kiya jaye?
2.Murga cheerte waqt batein na karo.
3.uniya khatam hone se pehle do dafa ghanti bajaane se kalyan hota hai.

Qayamat ki surkhian

This is great!

I can add,”Mr.President” in the quintessential American accent!

This president was the most noble looking, self sacrificing, wise sounding, glorious speech giving movie american president in the history of american presidents.

ismein bhi “bhaarat ka haath” tha…(read : afterall it was his indian friend who saved them all..)

I have to say #3 is my favourite. It made me laugh out loud and spray my bed with the Coke I was drinking.

Totally worth it. πŸ˜›

you saw the sorry movie too?

and a black president that too…

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