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The Amalgamation of Philosophies Needs Time and Energy to Create Synergy

Posted on: October 9, 2009

Having been a student of management, and spent 5 years working, I think I am in a position to say a few things about the subject.

In terms of the response elicited by the customer in reaction to the company’s services or product, there has been an evolution in what companies aim for as follows:-

rendering of services/products > customer satisfaction > customer delight (thats where it stands right now)

In keeping with the globalization of markets, and intense competition, recessionary pressures, and the commitment by organizations to use their managerial prowess for the good of the community and society, the logical next level to vie for is customer orgasm. As responsible producers, settle for nothing less than AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh………hhhh, from the customer.  This value has the added advantage of being easy to measure. Just look for a wet spot in the crotch area.

Similarly, customer service have also climbed through different levels as follows:-

no service> customer service> customer care

for the reasons cited about, we need to be constantly pushing the limits in this area as well because we, yeah you got it, cherish our customers.  So obviously, we need to start providing customer love.  I can envision a conversation which goes like:-

Sir, mai Airtel se call kar rahi hun. kya mai aapka thoda wakt le sakti hun?

ji zaroor

Sir, apna naam batayenge?


Pankaj ji, i love you

Pankaj ji, aapka pichle mahine ka bill pending hai. kab tak pay kar sakte hain?

aap ghar executive bhej sakti hun bill collect karne ke liye?

aapke liye to mai kuch bhi kar sakti hun

To sign off, an invaluable lesson I’ve learnt over the past few years.  Management is not about solving problems. Its about rephrasing problems so that they’re not problems anymore.

More when i can think of more.

3 Responses to "The Amalgamation of Philosophies Needs Time and Energy to Create Synergy"

this article and the heading are owned by ankit mahajan

aap kaun bhaisaheb?

this is pretty good. customer orgasm – you seem to have discovered the next big CRM phrase.

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