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Joodee The Obscure

Posted on: August 22, 2009

His name was not “Joodee”, it was Dalbir Singh Sekhon. But no one called him that, not even “dallu”, or even “dalleya” or “sekhon” let alone “sekhon phaaji”. Ever since he was in primary school “Joodee” had somehow clung like an invisible weight. Someone might have tried the vagrant “gyani” or “phapha” or “sardaar” but something about him just bespoke “joodee”. Perhaps it was the unusually large bun of hair perched on top of his head, exaggerated further by the white kerchief tied around it, giving it the appearance of a cauliflower in a cauliflower patch. Or that’s just how kids are. It’s not as if other Punjabi children did not have to face the same tirade. But they fought off the childish sneers and scoffs with characteristic Punjabi boisterity and wit. But not Joodee. He was born in the wrong country. Sensitive of countenance and faint of heart, even his physical appearance seemed to complement his nature, with his pale skin, slight frame, graceful hands, peculiar gait and none of the bountiful hair of his clan. He couldn’t beat back the constant barrage of “joodee”,”teri joodich bumb fit karke tainu uda dena” (ill plant a cracker in your bun and blow it up), “teri joodi pat ke tere moo vich paa deni” (i will pluck your bun and thrust it in your mouth), and the snickers and guffaws which followed. With every ”joodee” something pierced the depths of his soul. He developed an almost irrational fear of the offensive word. Every time he opened his mouth, he feared he would be shut up with “joodee”. He stopped speaking up in class. His seat gradually started moving towards the rear end. But never at the very end.

And thus “Joodee” went deeper and deeper into his shell. He wanted to melt into the crowd and vanish in the air. But the more he tried to merge into the background, the more he felt he stood out. And so he grew up.

to be continued..


11 Responses to "Joodee The Obscure"

Wow!!! This is fabulous! You’re really really good at this! 🙂

when does the next part come out? come on, dont do this to us, i wanna read the next bit..

but this, “with his pale skin, slight frame, graceful hands, peculiar gait and none of the bountiful hair of his clan.” I know a guy like that..a friend from school..and I am going to show this to him. 🙂 I think this will be good for him.

thanks! the next part doesnt really come out tho :(. i had written this ages ago, and just thought of reposting it since i was pleased with it. the inspiration is a real life person i used to know as a child. just show this to your friend!! usko bura lagega….

A nice and interesting piece written effortlessly comes off natural as only reality can.

no..u cant do that..u have to finish something that ends with ‘to be continued’ dont be so cruel, man! 😛

make up his story. please. 🙂

hee hee…thats flattering. well i have nothing more to add. the protagonist left town when he was young, and i have no idea what he developed into. infact, i think he came out of his shell rather than going deeper into it.

besides, my creative drum is utterly empty. why else do i have to repost old blog entries eh??

Scratch your CPU and start scribb…typing….get the muse rather than wait for it


thats convenient friend loves the post, btw..:)

and churn up the drum again..i’m sure its just waiting to start up again..

writer’s block is such a done thing..;) and btw, if ur old posts are also so repost them..

I meant ‘all so great’..not ‘also so great’..

freudian slip or sleepiness cant tell which..:)

The sequel to Godfather won the Oscar for best movie just as the first did. You could preface it by saying it is fictional with no bearing etc….in the unlikely event of the subject ever getting to see himself as the butt of this tragi-comedy.

Interesting… do continue.

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