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Hindi Poetry

Posted on: July 17, 2009

Lately, i have developed a liking for Hindi poetry, largely due to a friend of my father, whose appreciation for poetry is incredible. How about the following from Gulzar:-

Tumhara noor hi hai jo pad rha chehre par,
Warna kaun dekhta muje andhere mein

A supreme/sublime tribute to someone. The happiness on my face is not my own, but a reflection of your presence. Otherwise I was just stumbling around in the darkness of insignificance.

And the imagery. Deep dark broken by a candle light, which reflects off your face.



3 Responses to "Hindi Poetry"

Very nice. Echoes somewhat the refrain of Ghalib:

Unke dekhe se jo aa jaati hae moon par raunaq
Vo samajhte haen ki beemar kaa haal achha hae.

my granny to say that one a lot, and yes, i noticed the similarity.

une dekhte hi aa jaati hai chehre pe raunak,
aur vo samajhte hain buddi jawan ho gayi,

maybe the cheesy way she said it ruined the poetic associations 😉

गिरती जाती है दिन प्रतिदन प्रणयनी प्राणों की हाला
भग्न हुआ जाता दिन प्रतिदन सुभगे मेरा तन प्याला,
रूठ रहा है मुझसे रूपसी, दिन दिन यौवन का साकी
सूख रही है दिन दिन सुन्दरी, मेरी जीवन मधुशाला।।

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