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the Roosters last revenge

Posted on: January 30, 2009

o you piece of meat,
stuck in my teeth,
my tormentor,
i chase thee with my nail,
and miserably fail,
i detect thee with my lick,
arm myself with a toothpick,
yet thou art ever elusive,
in my oral crevasses reclusive,
misery written on every line of my face,
my own dentist, how can there be grace,
i open my mouth as wide as I can,
grimace in every expression known to man,
but thou remainest elusive, rejoice as i cringe,
the Roosters last revenge


12 Responses to "the Roosters last revenge"

lovely lovely..btw, is the Rooster Sindhi?

lol….i know who you are angry

You are getting more and more intellectual——but it’s near perfect’ you could have signed Ogden Nash if not Mark Twain !!

…….or Kaka Hathrassi, if you prefer !!!

eheh…..see the rooster also needs to die fighting. he has to show a decent face on doors of rooster-heaven, if there is one. there should be one, actually, and teaming with birds of various makes. i mean rooster’s sabka pet bhartien hain. itna nek kaam hai ye.

awesome poem! hilariously true!

haha.. enjoyed this one!

Last revenge. Funny!

Haha…it was a really great poem….i would have perfectly believed it had you signed it ‘ogden nash’…….btw…..’Hi!’…..after a real long time šŸ™‚

hi japinder :). youre past your blogging days it seems. hows the book coming along?

First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

Mind Blowing!

Hehehe…this was a good one. Thnx for making me smile šŸ™‚

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