Macchars don’t wear sweaters

Famous One Liners

Posted on: January 6, 2009

The early worm takes the bird

Always undertake endeavors where there is no risk of success

Love is hapiness in tackiness

Just because you notice your pant is phati hui first doesnt mean its not phati hui

I have a moral compass, its just pointing in the wrong direction

News is the new entretainment

Laughter may be the best medicine, but an overdose may kill u

If i dont kill you, ill be your friend for life

From buck teeth to no teeth, togather for life

True education lies in crude elucidation (a gem from de neha)

We love to complain about that which we enjoy the most

Assholes have all the fun

Im a cannibal….because i can nibble

Wake me up when i die

The height of desperation – arranged marriage, people are willing to marry to have sex

If you signed up to dance like a monkey on the stage, you have to dance like a monkey on the stage. you cannot complain about being treated like a monkey

Love is not blind…its very observant…thats why everyone falls for hotties

You know youve got a nationalist nut on your hands if he says “Freedom!!!” when he orgasms.


3 Responses to "Famous One Liners"

haha… funny stuff,this.

A hand in the bush is worth two on the bird.


Profound! 😉

Funny (No 😉 )

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