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Kaa Hoga is Des Ka

Posted on: September 18, 2008

Aren’t we really a medevial society? It’s happened yet again – youngsters in Nagpur were rounded by up the police in a “moral policing” drive. i shudder to imagine the ignominy these couples must have had to face. Having to face the irrational power of the dirtiest organ of the State just because they were doing what would come most naturally to any youngster/human. The only real cause i can imagine for undertaking such a drive is spite, malice and envy. Where do these youngsters turn? Not the parents in most cases, because they uphold the same standards of “morality”. Contrast this with the reaction of the parents in Juno, when the teenaged daughter tells her parents she is pregenant. How can one NOT arrive at the conclusion – they are a more evolved society than us.

3 Responses to "Kaa Hoga is Des Ka"

Difference betweeen developing and developing countries—-as per T Kunakaran—-a Gandhian—-ruined and rushing to be ruined countries.Mrdieval maybe not all bad

correction developed and developing

Kuch nahi hoga. Philhaal ke liye, sirf lakha jayega.

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