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Do I Have Sucker Written on my Face? Me and Multilevel Marketing – I

Posted on: August 15, 2008

My phone rang, the display told me it was a call from a doctor acquaintance, whom I knew..hmm…a little. We had spoken a couple of times, even decided to get together for drinks sometime, but I had always taken that to be a pleasantry rather than there being any serious intent behind it. “What are you doing today evening” he asked me. He wants to go for drinks – I speculated, and being rather bored, it felt like a good proposition. “Nothing” I said. “Will you go on a Business meeting with me” he asked.


Oh no! Not another one! – was my instant reaction. This was not the first time I had been approached or been invited for a “Business meeting”. The expression was commonly used by the multi level marketing brigade to try and rope in new recruits. And this not the first time I had been approached by a Businessmeetinger by a far cry. In-spite of my abhorrence of the concept and the people who touted it, I somehow attracted them like flies to a light. Perhaps there is something about my face which screams “I am gullible”, or “waiting to be brain washed”.


But he is a doctor! professional, educated, enlightened, responsible, sensible – I wondered. How did he end up in all this! And I couldn’t help asking him as much. “I know people have preconceived notions about this” he said. “but its not what you think it is” “why don’t you come over and find out for yourself” he continued in an imminently rational and reasonable tone. Logical argument one would have thought, if I hadn’t heard it for the millionth time from every salesman selling his wares. And he instantly plummeted a thousand meters in my approbation.


But having touched the depths of boredom as I had, it actually felt like a reasonable way to spend my evening, if only for a few laughs. “I will come” I told him, “but only because were friends” “im never going to join up”. “we shall talk about it after the meeting is through” he said cheerfully. “But come with an open mind”, he concluded.




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I didn’t know adults actually took venture in such stupidities. Tools. And hi, by the way.


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