Macchars don’t wear sweaters

Posted on: August 13, 2008

A feeling sweeps over me on rare occaisons. A feeling of contentment with myself, or of “im ok”. It is not really an arrogant feeling. Its more a strong if passing beleif that I really have some worth. A feeling of being appreciated for what i really am (or the way id like to see myself). Or a sense of gladness that I am able to appreciate what is tasteful. And that there are creators who see “tasteful” as i do. This usually comes after absorbing a piece of genuinely funny humor, a meaningful debate, a touching movie, or perhaps on the play-field. I barely get this feeling from human interaction, except perhaps when I’m chatting with my close circle.

And when this feeling hits me, i experience a strange self sufficiency. That I could possibly spend the rest of my days on my own, and joyfully, without really any need for human reciproaction. And even in human relations, i feel that i may genuinely have some value, some happiness to offer.

I wish i could stretch this feeling to last longer.

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wow..i could never put those kind of things into words!! its like readin exactly what i the way you express yourself.

hah, your poetry speaks a hundered times more than my prose.

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