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The Yuppie Age

Posted on: August 11, 2008

Theres no doubt in my mind that a majority of contemperory movies are “image” movies. These movies target a youthful urban India and depict certain “images” through which urban India would like to see itself (the overall feel of these movies is of an ICICI ad). Apart from these images, the movies are devoid of any content or thought, or even entretainment value for me. A majority of current movies fall under this category, and movies which audiences have especially connected with are “dil chahta hai” (what an apt title, doesnt it translate to “wannabe”), and Rang De Basanti. These movies depict a certain youthfulness which is characterized by facial contortions, puppy faces, wide eyes and excitable mock tones. There is an almost plastic freshness. And there is a discovery and gradual experimentation with sexuality. Some movies touch upon the dark side of this “stylish urban modernity” like “Life in a Metro”. This movie may have been a copy of “the apartment”, but the underlying discource seemed to me to be an almost proud touting of its new found sexuality.

Perhaps these movies are a reflection of ubran india itself, which is going through a metamorphosis of identity, being subject to pressures from both the Western culture as well as the native Indian culture. A reconciliation of traditional values and western “modernity”. But what has been gleaned from “western modernity” is its most surface elements, the glitz and glamour, as depicted by the media and Hollywood, rather than its deeper currents/soul which emphasize individuality, rationality, and accomodation of the deviant/non conformist.

Disclaimer – It is likely that my views come from the fact that my small town sensibilities are jolted. What is natural to someone in urban india may seem to me to be “pretentious”.

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our movies are exactly what we are..pretentious, copycats, unsure of ourselves and where we stand in the world. our sensibilities are distorted by western exposure and crazy “indian” mentality. why should our movies be any different?

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