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Desi Humour

Posted on: August 11, 2008

One would think Indians don’t really have a sense of humor. All comic movies conclude chaotically with all characters coming together in the climax, running amok, doing facial gymnastics, Rajpal Yadav prancing about, talking in excitable tones, with “comic music” for added effect (like toinnnnnnnn, teuuuuuun, tuiiiiiiiiiiiii) etc etc. In short, an epitome of slapstick-ness. I don’t know whether to blame “jaane bhi do yaaron” for it, but it has certainly defined the parameters for Indian comedy and every movie must end on a note of orgasmic slapstickness. Even apart from that, the movie’s sense of the “funny” comprises of archana puran singh making obtuse sexual allusions (of the “kya legi” “mai dun kya” genre) or a poo laden diaper flying through the air in slow motion heading towards someone’s face.

Well, notwithstanding the above mentioned primary school brand of humor, desi humor for me is sometimes can be gut wrenchingly humorous, funnier than anything i’ve ever come across. It is somehow the funniest at its most rustic. The following are my collection of the sublimely funny!

(bless sudesh bhosle. i discovered the above two after 16 years. and they’re still as amusing at they were then!)

(who says pakis are all about long beards and ak47s. you need to know Punjabi to really appreciate the above. if u dont..i pity you!! )


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