Macchars don’t wear sweaters

Posted on: August 10, 2008

laughter is the key to your heart.


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I think it is inevitable that movies that play in multiplexes be appealing to the yuppie crowd, since multiplexes are in dense urban locations, surrounded by glitzy shops.

Someone once said that the movies of yore were made for adults, whereas today’s films are made for adolescents.

This attention-deficit-disorder kind of image-sequencing is going on all the time on TV these days… Even National Geographic and BBC are not immune to this disease.

Hi harman, nice to have you drop by. especially since i find your blog immensely readable.

you may be right, the character of the movies could be due to the the multiplex culture. i guess it spells the death of david dhawan style slapstick comedy movies, but which were targeted more towards the cinema hall upper/lower stall crowd (i rather liked those).

i visualize these movies as a reflection of the evolving identity of our country, more specifically the identity of the prosperous urban middle class. part of it is the attention deficit kind of image sequencing which you mentioned (it can be maddening at times). but even generally, these movies have a squeaky freshness and seem to be ONLY about projecting certain “fashionable” images – bright colors, cool mannerisms, puppy eyed expressions, yo-ness all around.

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