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Posted on: August 8, 2008

What a joy it would be to be in harmony. To be secure in oneself, to be expectation-less. To simply be an observer of the world’s beauty. The world has much beauty worthy of admiration. Even more pain perhaps, but much of it comes from inner doubt. The pain makes it even more important that what joys exist be grabbed with both hands. So how good it would be to see the world with a child’s wonder. Even enjoy intellectual pleasures with a child’s joy. Cast away all the bitterness, all the bad memories. Walk down the street, and watch the trees wave in the wind, birds fly from perch to perch, people laugh together, white clouds form in merry patterns far off in the blue sky, the divinity of a beautiful girl, little pups playing near the kerb, two gaily chatting lovers in a rickshaw relishing the proximity, brick houses in all shapes and colours. Look upon all new relationships as an enriching adventure, exploring a new human with all their peculiarities and richness, without judging or being afraid of being judged. To absorb the magnificent subtlety of a great movie, a strain of music, or a painting. Or be tickled by the not so great art. To wonder at the heights human thought has achieved in a philosophy, a literary work, a political or scientific writing. To be in awe of the mysterious universe. To be in a perpetual state of wonderment even when alone, never bored, never lonely.


Seems like a distant dream now. But who knows!



1 Response to "Harmony"

Blake:Infinity in the palm:heaven in a flower
Peace:Aeroplane in flight:a spinning top:thick of battle(Krishna):ones screaming spouse/boss sounds like sweet music:peace/harmony is a state of mind not an environment;a Sage said:hell can be a land of tranquil light

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