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Can the Following be Called a Poem?

Posted on: June 4, 2008

in the cool night breeze, as i listen to you, o pure creature of nature, o u delicate child, o u picture of beauty,

mersmerised utterly, i wonder, arent you the comforting womb of the night itself, & the cool touch of its breeze.

curled up on your chair, i have so grown to adore your every gesture, every curl of your tender lips, every glance of your sparkling eyes, every blink of your shy eyelashes, every tilt of your head as you lay it down on the railing, every syllable of your soft voice.

am i to be blamed then, for wanting you for myself? to hold you close?

how can you be so untouched by cyncisim? so in touch with yourself? wherein lies this secret font which radiates joy?

i have lived long enough, every cell wracked & strained, just getting through life, hanging on, but what is this new world you have opened to me, where true happiness seem like a compelling possibility?

i had many thoughts of what my beloved would be like, but you exceed the ideal


1 Response to "Can the Following be Called a Poem?"

this is ishq ka side effect – makes a poet out of u
and yes, this can be called a poem

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