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Posted on: April 28, 2008

Perhaps we continue to exist after the moment of death. Supposing we do. Would it be a good state to be in?

First of all, what would it this state constitute? Not an interview with God surely.  We all know God is really a collective delusion, a story cooked up by humans as fallible as us, who perhaps dared to look at the true face of reality, and struck by the despair of its infinite chasm, chose to invent God. No god fearing gambler would place a bet on meeting God on the other side.

After death we would be faced by the true face of reality. We wouldnt understand it, but be faced by it nonethess. And when we face this face of truth, or the vast other side, of which we know nothing, who would accompany us? Not our near and dear ones surely. Because we truly know nothing of the other side, and there is no reason to beleive that the universe conspires so that we can have post demise reunions.

Wont then we be specs in a vast nothingness of which we know nothing? For the first time experience true solitude? A terrible solitude in which we are faced all on our own by a vast darkness which we understand naught, and not only that, suddenly realisation dawns upon us, that we dont even understand the meaning of our own existence.

One wonders if its not better to cling to stories of a benevolent God, of reassimilattion with a loving white light, of the goodness of the Universe, of our special place in it, of the biasedness of its laws for us. To somehow take away the terrible burden of making sense of of the vast cold Universe from our own selves.

Not a good state of affairs surely. Perhaps it would be best that life after death didnt exist after all. Not that the thought of ceasing to exist after we die is any less despair inducing.


5 Responses to "Death"

I have tried -for long- not to see death as either something to be feared or an escape route or even a reunion with God. For me, death like life itself is an illusion. yes as a human being – a bundle of emotions- it is hard not get affected by the fear or love ( whatever suits u) of death. isn’t it that we are mostly awed( positively or negatively) by things that we don’t understand?
but on the brighter side , life wud be a real pain if we were to be immortal in the physical form.

the question is not what we would like it to be. but what it is likely to be really really be like. the few possibilities we speculate on, is unlikely to be the true state of things – its just too improbable. so it would be something we know nothing of – and we would face it alone.

i will surely come back and haunt a few people!! yes, i believe in spirits and after-life. so beware panjak tanejaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

lol, hope ur mom’s doing better now 🙂

gadhi…yahan mai profound thoughts share kar raha hun aur tu lol keh rahi hai

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