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Ode to obscurity

Posted on: March 15, 2008

Please consider my new profound poem


Commentary : “hmmmm” signifies the humdrum of life. The perpetual movement of humanity. The air of the mass of humankind going around its business, as if this business were the ultimate truth of life, and life were eternal.

“……” signifies gradually approaching death, sleathily creeping up on us taking us closer to our end.

“.” signifies the event of death.

the blank space thereafter signifies the vast nothingness, the cosmic mystery that exists beyond death, which no living man can know, and which shall be revealed only at the dying moment.

P.S – for those who havent realised it, the above is B.S


4 Responses to "Ode to obscurity"

hey geek

must say ur poem was profundity at its
for me hmmmm means am thinking and i have all sorts of noises i make like Hmm, hmm? Hmm mmhmm ic huh? my noises are too subtle. The people i talk with constantly get in my face and ask me to verbalize….oh i forgot the “ahh” which isnt so much of an “aha” as an open mouth affirmation likened to mmmm…stop being (acting) so busy and blog more…

nice blog here,fun read!!will be back!

hows zat for poetry? 😀

nice post

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