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You Didn’t Learn Nothin’

Posted on: February 27, 2008

(this blog is inspired by a joker on tv, who said “I was very anxious over my mtv roadie interview and devising strategies for it, but I thought over it late into last night and I realized that a true roadie is one who is himself, and so im going to be myself”)


I find it rather annoying when I hear someone say “I gave such and such subject long and deep thought and I realized…..”


When the subject under consideration is factual, sudden epiphanic learning is easily understandable “I thought about it and realized one and one make 2”.


But when it comes to subjective human truth, I don’t see learning as a discrete *TLINK*, “hey I’m enlightened!” process, where a previously unconsidered thought pops up in the mind and the human stream of consciousness is permanently altered to a new level. The statement “I realized, or I learnt” is almost always a random subjective choice, an attempt to cram randomness into a structure, or a result of social programming where one is supposed to “learn” things & certain learnings are favored over others.


It’s more of a continuous process where a thought hovers around the periphery, knocks the consciousness often, and somewhere along the line is gradually absorbed and internalized. The “learning” might still not be objective, but at least it is more genuine, because the thoughts which are a premise for this “realization” are internalized, and we see them as “true”.


I allow room for the occasional epiphanic learning even in human affairs J


1 Response to "You Didn’t Learn Nothin’"


This is a beautifully framed argument.
But i would like to point one place where epiphanies might happen in subjective human truth. It is when the subjective expands.

When the thot makes you see that some of your assumptions might be challenged under a new context and hence, you drop them off. The epiphany is that there is more to it than yuo saw before.

I read Osho for the first time, and I was impressed.

Osho talks about absorbing the ambiguity of life fully, without forcing it into frameworks. For him the true epiphany is that there is no structure and framework.

Pretty much along what you’ve said here.

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