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True Story 2

Posted on: July 30, 2007

“You %^&*(), I shall bury you alive? M***** F*****, I trample on a dozen insects like you every day. You want to die a premature death eh you @#$%^&*?? DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO I AM” – screamed Sunny in a blind rage, as he madly waved a wicket in hand, and ran in the direction of Bablu at the other end of the field.  

The verbal duel had erupted when a disagreement arose about the validity of the goal just scored, the defending side contending it was an offside.  

“You s*** of a b*****, ive seen many a like of you, issuing hollow threats. Ive heard enough from you, you #$%^&*, im going to smash your head today to a pulp today. God save you, you @#$%^&*!!!! I SHALL KILL YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU” – retorted Bablu, his scream even more blood curdling, and he murderously rushed towards Sunny, picking up a wicked looking brick mid-trot.  

Everyones blood froze, as they cowered in anticipation of a bloody meeting mid field. 

“You’re gonna die today surely @#$%^&*. Iv’e been waiting for this for long. You cheat, you do this everyday!!!” –  Sunny roared, as he drew nearer Bablu. 

“You #$%^&*(. You shall pay with your teeth for daring to cross my path. It wasn’t an offside at all, and you know it!!” Bablu shrieked. Almost a few metres from Sunny now. 

“It was clearly an offside!!!!! Rahul had moved out of the defence just before you received the pass!!” Sunny (his run reducing to a fast walk). 

“But Suresh was still at the other end of the field!” – Bablu (brick in hand not nearly so menacing). 

“Suresh was?” – Sunny 

“Yes, but if the offside is so important to you we shall concede it” – Bablu  

“No No, its ok” – Sunny. 

They meet at the center of the field and shake hands.

8 Responses to "True Story 2"

lol, dheere ka jhatka zor se 😛

now wot wz that….im sincerely praying from the bottom of my heart that this babloo is somebody else….

ha ha..arre sweet ka bhai bablu

kaisi kaisi baaton pe ladte haibn 😛

lada kaun…koi daant nahi toota

lol! that was good!
thanx for the visit upon my blog pankaj! 🙂

peace & love

hmmm…big boys!!! but a sweet story! 😛

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