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Quantum Vedas

Posted on: February 19, 2007

THE ultimate God is Dharma. And all the achievements of the modern world – electricity, aeroplanes, computers. mobiles, have been developed through research on the Vedas – said the office guard.

“All these are just claims in the air” – I said. “there is no……………**what was the word**…………

“Even scientists admit to it” – he said, with a reprimanding “you don’t know??” expression.

……proof to these claims”

“All these are scientific acheivements of……….**what was the Hindi for West….uttar?…..dakshin? purab?**……….Europe” – I said.

“It’s not as if science and the Vedas are contradictory to each other” – he said, amused at my ignorance. “its all there in the Vedas” “the Gurus had developed it all long ago” “thats how the Europeans got their ideas, from the Vedas” “if fact even westerners are adopting the eastern way nowadays” he concluded with authority.

“then where did this knowledge get lost” i ventured. “why has India had so many problems over the past centuries”

“oh this is kalyug (the dark ages)” he said, all misty eyed and nostalgic for satyug (the bright ages).

“whats different now from those days” i said, wondering if i should use my “did apples fall upwards in those days?” analogy. He wouldn’t get it i decided. “These were just things written long ago with no relevance to the current age” i said. “things written in the Vedas and old scriptures strictly followed can often be suppressive” – i said, determined to enlighten him.

“why is it suppressive to respect your elders?” he admonished me.

“respect should be….**i wondered if i could site the sati example without offending him** i mean….**how do i put this**….teachers who beat up students deserve no respect even if they’re older” i finished.

His expression darkened a little as he was lost in thought for a few seconds. Then he brightened and chuckled “I guess these are not things to be talking about on a Friday evening”. “Have a good weekend Pankaj Babu” he bade good naturedly.

I got on my motorcycle and drove off.


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