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Kucch To Log Kahenge

Posted on: February 19, 2007

Indian cinema has produced some quintessential songs which bring together all the elements of a timeless song – music, lyrics, voice and mood. Rarely have I seen the supreme heights of meaning and poetic expression in some of these songs achieved, either in the western or eastern tradition. One of these songs is “Kucch to Log Kahenge” (People will talk). The setting is a lover consoling and cheering his embittered and dejected beloved with the following words:-

kuchh to log kahenge, logaane kaa kaam hain kahanaa

(People will talk, because that’s what they do best)

chhodo, bekaar kee baato mein , kahee beet naa jaaye rainaa

(Pay no heed, lest the night pass in these wasteful thoughts)

kuchh reet jagat kee ayesee hai, har yek subah kee shaam huyee

(Such are the ways of the world. every dawn melts into dusk)

too kaun hai, teraa naam hain kyaa, seetaa bhee yahaa badanaam huyee

(Even the goddess of virtue has been tainted here)

fir kyon sansaar kee baaton se, bheeg gaye tere nainaa

(Then why because of the world’s words, have your eyelashes been dampened)

hum ko jo taane dete hai, hum khoye hain in rang raliyon me

(they taunt us, that we’re consumed by immoral passions)

hum ne un ko bhee chhup chhup ke, aate dekhaa in galiyon me

(whilst we have also seen them silently creep into these alleyways)

ye sach hain jhoothe baat nahee, tum bolo ye sach hain naa

(This is true is it not?)

1 Response to "Kucch To Log Kahenge"

old melodies rock, hope to c more song lyrics here, translations na bhi ho to chalega. main hindustani hu

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