Macchars don’t wear sweaters

Happy Valentines!! *Wince*

Posted on: February 19, 2007

Ahh the day has finally arrived…..

The day you will receive endless cards which make you puke endlessly. (Or rather, cards that your friends receive, which in spite of their pukishess leave you envious.)

The day when you endlessly scour the “personals” pages on all the local papers hoping someone has submitted their profession of love for you finally this hear. But your heart sinks when there is no sign of your name in the endless lists of jaanus, sweetos and popos.

The day when you wince endlessly when you hear the word “Valentine” and “Love” being mentioned in every group and gathering as you try to slink by unnoticed.

The day when you are scared to step out of your house because everybody seems to be looking at you with doleful pitying eyes and thinking “poor single weirdo”.

The day when you have to be subject to endless debates and messages about:-

1) The sanctity of this day, background information for its celebration, and the greatness of love.

2) Denunciation of the day as a blatant commercial affair, leading the youth “astray” on the path of “western values”, and the “true spirit” of love having been completely lost to youngsters “nowadays”, and passionate invocations like “what about love for your parents??”.

The day when you have to nod and grin when a friend shows you a mushy message from his sweetheart and says…”wow, this is deep”

The day when your heart jumps every time your phone rings, only to realize it’s your father asking for computer troubleshooting tips, your out of station brother, or a lamentatious fellow singleton.


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