Macchars don’t wear sweaters

Pics 2

Posted on: February 17, 2007










Dislaimer : The above artworks are protected by copyright and not available for free distribution


7 Responses to "Pics 2"

playboy mein bhejo pronto! but seriously, i love d bare back wali. n 31, 34 n 38 also 🙂 keep sketchin!

kya coincident hai!! i to thought of putting up my sketch up and here i found a fellow blogger who is also into it. GR8 sketches . but do you have anything against sketching indian women lol

check out mine though i am just an amateur :<

Omg these are brilliant:)

(free distribution) k fine! huff!

great stuff btw!

hee hee….that was an afterthought..who knows..i may make a little money from it someday

great dude…keep sketching more…m sure u wont make my sketch ,,,this space occupied by women..ohhhh

ha ha sale…sahi pehchana 😉

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