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It Doesn’t Make Sense

Posted on: February 17, 2007

Well this has been written about millions of times. People have studied this a lot more deeply than I. But this is my blog! I will write what I like. Even pretend to be an authority.

Optimist : Go to NY. Look at those massive skyscrapers, look at those networks of roads, subways, flyovers. Look at all those people going around with their cells in their hands taking with people at remote locations , look at those giant screens displaying colorful images of this product or that, look at those people with laptops and handhelds in their hands connected to the entire world through internet. Look at those sleek cars on the roads and those airplanes whizzing overhead. Wow, humans are truly masters of the universe. Science has reached a pinnacle and we really know all. Quite a lot if not all in any case!! Were almost there.

Doubter : Do we? Do we understand the workings of the universe?

Optimist : We have Newton’s laws and Einstein’s theory and quantum theory don’t we? And a multitude of other theories through which we can define the workings of the physical world. We’ve harnessed the power of atomic particles for heavens sake, we can send voice images and videos through air, we’ve even traveled through space!

Doubter : But most of these theories don’t fit into each other. The describe separate compartments but are incompatible with each other.

Optimist : Well its only a matter of time before we arrive at a unified theory.

Doubter : The unified theory seems to be ever elusive. The more we find out the more questions are thrown up. The structure of the subatomic world has been ever elusive. The picture that has emerged through the quantum theory is fantastic and paradoxical at the same time. A particle seems to be at one point at one time and another point at another time without appearing to have traversed between the two points. The observer also somehow seems to be tied to this whole system. This is truly nothing short of fantastic.

Doubter : And what about the mind? Isn’t the mind a part of the universe? Why should it be accorded an inferior status to the physical world. How is a rock different from me? Isn’t the very concept of self perception fantastic? Shouldn’t there be universal laws both governing mind and matter. That is what I would call a true unified theory.

Doubter : And what about life? Since our bodies are fundamentally comprised of matter shouldn’t it also be governed by laws of physics? But there seems to be some kind of unity in the functioning of the matter which comprises our bodies, and all things with “life”, some kind of primary logic as opposed to randomness, the so called “logic of nature”. What is the logic of nature? What is that which we call nature?? Since were essentially made up of the same matter as stars, at what point did this matter suddenly come “alive”. And at what point did this live matter achieve consciousness. And at what point did this alive conscious matter gain the ability to manipulate its own environment, the ability to contemplate its own existence?

Optimist : Stop it! Youre confusing me.

Doubter : I am confusing myself too.

Optimist : At least this not affect our everyday lives or even global politics.

Doubter : I guess not.

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