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Posted on: February 17, 2007


The following are quotes I like and why I like them :-“My life is my message” – MK Gandhi

Every word this man uttered seems to me to be profundity. Though I sometimes wonder if Gandhi the man way as great as Gandhi the idea but I cannot help but look up to Gandhi the idea. This quote could be interpreted as cosmic arrogance but on second thoughts what speaks of a human more than the way he leads his life. What more does a human have than his life and what greater than the belief that one has lived ones life ideally, never compromising on ones principles, not regretting a single moment. What lip service of a few rosy words stringed together can compare with a life shining brilliant and speaking for itself.

“It is very difficult to elucidate the cosmic religious feeling to anyone who is entirely without it, especially as there is no anthropomorphic conception of God corresponding to it. The individual feels the futility of human desires and aims and the sublimity and marvelous order which reveal themselves both in nature and in the world of thought. Individual existence impresses him as a sort of prison and he wants to experience the universe as a single significant whole” – Albert Einstein

The rationality of this man was not unfeeling, shortsighted & confined, it was profound. One of my greatest idols.

“Happiness does not start at some other time or at some other place, it starts right here this moment” – Daisaku Ikeda

Ikeda is the President of a global Buddhist organization which my father is deeply involved in. Although I have always resisted my father’s attempts to convince me to join and skeptical of the mystic aspects of Buddhism there is no way i can deny the deep wisdom which lies in its teachings and strikes me inspite of myself. Especially the emphasis that is laid on the potential of a single individual. Listening to the experiences of members one realizes that the strength of the human will is a living and breathing concept rather than being rosy lies to brighten our meaningless existence.

The quote very beautifully sums up the usual attitude towards life. One always fantasizes that one would be doing so much better if circumstances were different and resolves to change things “once im in a new job” or “once things have settled down at home” or “once im feeling more alert”. One always shirks taking control and taking responsibility. This lays emphasis on taking control this very moment. Changing the course of ones life starting this moment. (i cant fail to mention that there isnt the slightest application of this to my life)

“To pray all one should needs is a piece of cloth under ones body and a sky over ones head” – MK Gandhi

An argument for personal religion vs organized religion.

“A man is judged not by what he is, but by what he has” – Oscar Wilde

So true of our materialistic Indian society.

“The world is Will, the instinctive Will to Live” – Arthur SchopenhauerHave distorted this one slightly. This mans thought pierced to the very core of being. Although his philosophy is cosmic pessimism it at least underlies the fact that people have dedicated thier lives to ideals such as trying to understanding the universe rather than giving in to the claims of everyday life & conventional wisdom.

“The universe has no prejudice in favor of Christ as against Gengis Khan.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

Just found this one. So much for belief in absolute Good or Bad.

“Is the world divided into mind and matter, and, if so, what is mind and what is matter? Is mind subject to matter, or is it possessed of independent powers? Has the universe any unity or purpose? Is it evolving towards some goal? Are there really laws of nature, or do we believe in them only because of our innate love of order? Is man what he seems to the astronomer, a tiny lump of impure carbon and water impotently crawling on a small and unimportant planet? Or is he what he appears to Hamlet? Is he perhaps both at once? Is there a way of living that is noble and another that is base, or are all ways of living merely futile? If there is a way of living that is noble, in what does it consist, and how shall we achieve it? Must the good be eternal in order to deserve to be valued, or is it worth seeking even if the universe is inexorably moving towards death? The studying of these questions, if not the answering of them, is the business of philosophy.” – Bertrand Russell

This eloquent introduction can easily make you fall in love with philosophy


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