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To Laugh When You Dont Feel Like It

Posted on: February 16, 2007

One thing I am certain of is that one of the surest roads to popularity is to master the art of laughing even when one doesn’t feel like it. Who wouldn’t like a person who goes into roars at your crudest attempts at humor. You immediately form a special connection with that person and reserve an intimate corner for them in your heart. But mind you my friends, this talent is not easily acquired. Some say it is an inborn gift few are bestowed with. This art is not about excess but all about temperance. It is all about moderation and tact.

As for myself, I write this piece not from an exalted pedestal but as someone who is desperately lacking in this quality. I sometimes feel that just about everybody but me is bestowed with this “rare” gift. When an oh-so-oft repeated joke is told in public and everybody around me goes into absolute hysterics the best I can manage is a few conscious guttural sounds. The pressure of “being with the spirit” drains me of the few traces of humor I have in me. I desperately look around for a face half as sour as mine.

There are many variations of ingenuine laughter one commonly encounters. Firstly, there is the robust wholehearted roar. This is the king of all laughs and is widely appreciated. These people seem to laugh more because they love the sound of their laughter than anything else. If you went up to them and said “laugh” they would do just that and rather enjoy it too!

Then there are the not too luminous versions – the giggle, the guffaw, the chuckle, the shrill cackle, and so on. One variety of (insincere) laughter which deserves special attention is the silent laugh because of its interesting technique and efficiency. It is characterized by an upturned head, closed eyes (this is an additional advantage because often it is the eyes which betray ingenuineness) , arms thrown out, chest thrust out, an open mouth and lo! – no sound!! 

A not so recommended version of ingenuine laughter is the “machine-gun”. It rattles on monotonously like a toy machine gun and has a hollow effect. It may be used as a device to taunt but certainly not if you are looking to expand your social circle.

Oh well…thats all


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