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To Accept (at 20 yrs)

Posted on: February 16, 2007

It is a great virtue to be charitable. To be sensitive to the suffering of others and to be ready to contribute to its alleviation. But a personality is not wholesome until it also knows how to accept charity with warmth. Admirable is the person who accepts charity without feelings of guilt or greed. It demands immense character. How much more difficult is it to play the part of the pitied. In no other situation does one have to subdue ones ego and pride more. All of us have to accept charity some time or the other but to do so with grace, gratitude, warmth, dignity and without having thoughts of repaying the favour as soon as possible to redeem ones pride is what is truly admirable. Such is a person who is completely entwined in the delicate fabric of human relationships.

1 Response to "To Accept (at 20 yrs)"

i so identify wid this post. btw, y is it titled ‘to accept at 20’ ?

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