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Eleven Reasons to Hate Krrish

Posted on: February 15, 2007

1) The name of the movie which has you wondering if it has two “r”s, “s”, or “h”s.

2) Hrithik Roshan’s loathsome perfect looks which have u seeking solace in metaphors like “true beauty lies within”. He is a few light years ahead looks wise if you’re a male and much more beautiful if you’re a female.

3) The annoying manner in which Hrithik sheepishly ruffles the hair at the back of his head which conveys the message “I love me”.

4) Hrithik’s clenched fists and the exaggerated leg spread when he stands in his trademark Krrish pose.

5) The grim determination in his eyes and expression, which makes you feel he is taking his innocent-handsome-purehearted-bumpkin-with-exceptional-powers-saving-the-world-from-mad-scientist role seriously.

6) Two layers of makeup Rekha is wearing, the first layer being her customary makeup to look younger, and the second one the movie makeup to make her look the age of the movie character, which incidentally is the same as her actual age.

7) Rekha’s exaggerated stoop and quivering voice. *shuffle shuffle* “Nahiiiii tuuuuuuuuuu shhhehhharrrr nahhiii jayyegga betttaa”.

8 ) Being told that Hrithik risked his life during Krrish’s making and that it is the most expensive Indian movie ever effects wise, while the only effects u see are:-

a) A rope tied to Hrithik’s back loop which a man perched on a nearby tree top pulls up when Hrithik says “up”.

b) Hrithik’s super fast mode which seems to be lifted from the animated version of “The Mask”.

9) Hrithik’s superflight which reminds of a person wildly swaying thier arms and legs while in freefall.

10) Priyanka Chopra’s lack of self respect as she plays a typical perpetually clueless pretty female moron, alternated with flashes of wisdom when she delivers eloquent sermons on the nature of “true love”. *PUKE PUKE*

11) The reinforcement of images of college goers in India where every group is evenly divided between the two sexes, has a dumb fat girl, a comical shorty and a Sikh sporting a kerchief turban, and everybody is sporting bright clothes and bandannas, jumping around, talking in excitable tones, and bouncing a basketball ( an image which most youngsters in India seem to be emulating).

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